New Cover Art

I’m excited to launch the new cover for TPOADM today!

Why’d I do it? Well, there’s a clue right on the cover…”Book One“. That might be a bit of a spoiler to those who haven’t read it, but if you’ve made it to this page, then you deserve the truth.

Yes, “The Patience of a Dead Man” is really “The Patience of a Dead Man – Book One,” and I think it’s important to let it be known that it will not be a series without end.

I’m planning a trilogy, then I have another idea for another book with a new main character, and after that…well, I haven’t gotten that far yet.

My cover artist designed all three covers for me at once, so they’ll all share the same style, with different titles and background pictures of course. I’ve got to give the artist his due: It’s James at He is talented and fantastic to work with.

I took the pictures in a dark room with a camping lantern as the only light. That’s my wife Josi, starring as Mildred, and she wants me to be sure to tell you that the flies were added digitally after the fact!

Since the photos weren’t professionally done (and I wanted them eerie), James suggested we further “grunge-ify” the covers, and I just love it. He added the sepia tones, which led me to change the color scheme of my website, and I think orange and black go great together–am I right fans of Halloween?

I’ll reveal the other covers later. I may even re-do the background image of #3–, we’ll see where the story takes me.



The first cover is now OUT OF PRINT. I think that there were only <200 printed, so if you have one and I become “wicked famous, ” well, you win! I still have some author copies and will run some giveaways soon.

The first cover was courtesy of Mr. Scott Reid who has been very helpful in getting me started. He’s a Facebook marketing guy and his company is Motivity Digital.



New Cover Art

New Cover Art

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