He bet it all on a house in disrepair…

…but what he didn’t know was it was never really empty.

Tim Russell can’t simply leave… If he does he loses everything; not only his investment but his way of life. Reselling is not an option; the house spent three years on the market.

A recently divorced father, Tim knows it’s dangerous to stay, but not being able to support his daughters would be an entirely different nightmare.

Alone, he calls on the only person he can think of that might be able to help; real estate agent Holly Burns. Together they must confront the problem and decide Tim’s future:

Stay or go?


“Wow! An exciting novel that keeps on scaring”
— Ed M

“A great read. If you like suspense, read it! I couldn’t put it down!”
— Erin B.

“Finished!! Couldn’t read it fast enough!!”
— Phil M.



Bad Husband

They say you reap what you sow, but in this story the husband does all the sowing… and the wife does all the reaping.


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