How I came up with the title

I didn’t have a solid idea for a title for “TPOADM” until late in the game. My working title was “Two Stones in the Grove,” and deep down I knew it didn’t roll off the tongue. After more than a year of thinking about it, TPOADM popped into my head (I don’t remember the actual moment, unfortunately). Have you ever heard the saying? Have you ever heard anyone say “the patience of a dead man”? I had…and I knew I had my title. It’s different, and perhaps familiar.

I Googled it to be sure, and the LACK of results made me doubt that I heard it correctly. But there are results, so thankfully I know I’m not going crazy. Here’s a Yelp review for JC Penney Portraits (now closed, not shockingly) in Woodbridge, NJ: “Such slow service, you might actually go backwards in time here its that sloooow. Never follow your appointment time, you wait an hour and a half from the time they give you. This place is ridiculous. If you have a patience of a dead man, this is your place.” 

So, yeah, my book shares a title with stuff like that. But that’s good for me–it’s rare enough that the domain name was still available!

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