Prepare for adventure as Juliana, a nineteen-year-old Brazilian, finds herself forced to run from an occult overlord, leaving her sister in peril. Temporarily safe, Juliana works to save money for Vilma’s rescue—and along the way, meets Patrick, a rich-boy mountain climber with friends in high places.

Angus Addison wants to see his corporate flag at the summit of Mount Everest—carried there by the first woman in history—but the Himalayas are no joke. Failure could cost both sisters their lives.

Juliana weighs the risks and rewards—for even if she raises the cash, she still must figure a way to free Vilma from the same man she fled from—a man known to his disciples as The Farmer.

Tim Russell had it all until his wife filed for divorce. Now he’s a free man with a dwindling bank account.

Searching for inspiration, he invests in a fixer-upper farmhouse in New Hampshire. Betting on himself and his construction background to live there as he fixes it up, then sell at a profit.

But who is the woman in the field? And who flies the red kite? Might these things have something to do with the previous owner’s death?

Almost immediately, Tim realizes that buyer’s remorse is the least of his problems.

Mildred Wells menaced her town for more than a century–but one fateful day, someone evened the score.

What torments her most is the lie she believed. Tricked, played the fool…humiliated. Hopes of reconciling with her son were stolen, along with her pride. Long days of reflection and lament soon kindle an obsession for vengeance. She decides they all must pay—not only those that so recently conspired but everyone that ever wronged her.

They won’t see it coming, for she can wait. They will endure her wrath only when they feel their safest.

Tim and Holly, realizing they are helpless, are grateful when a stranger knocks on their door—but can he help? Andrew Vaughn, a haunted man–perhaps even more cursed than Mildred Wells–is on-scene, hoping to lend a hand—against his will. Meanwhile, the “ghost story” is becoming national news…attracting attention… The last thing Tim wants.

Holly can’t stay in the house anymore and draws a line. Confidence is low, and pressure builds. Meanwhile, Mildred listens to almost everything they say. Is there any way around her anger? Or will they die in vain, as they desperately search for Tim’s daughters?

The Patience of a Dead Man, Dead Woman Scorned, and Anger is an Acid—in one volume. The trilogy complete.