I need Beta Readers for Book Two!

-In search of BETA READERS-

(…but please read below first)

Book Two is coming soon and I’m looking folks that will help me make it better!

If you’re interested, please let me know, but before you do, there are “qualifications” this time!

  1. You’ve already read “The Patience of a Dead Man – Book One”
  2. You can get through Book 2 in THREE WEEKS (approx 360 pages)
  3. You can read from a PDF (I’ll make it large print & include Kindle instructions too)
  4. You’ll write me a review on Amazon (and maybe Goodreads too) to get the ball rolling.


Aside from that:

  • You’ll tell me the parts you’d like to see improved (and what you didn’t like about them as they are)
  • You’ll be on the lookout for continuity errors
  • “ ” errors with police procedures or legal issues—(if you know)
  • Typos of course (screenshots or snapshots via Messenger are great)
  • Anything else you can think of.
  • I can take constructive criticism so you can be honest…
  • …but be prepared to discuss so we can think around the problem!
  • I may not take your advice, so don’t be hurt!
  • I may discuss your point with other readers.


Let me know SOON if you’d like to be in, and thanks: michael@michaelclarkbooks.com

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